Mini Awakenings

“If every day is an awakening, you will never grow old. You will just keep growing.” – Gail Sheehy

Have you ever found yourself waking up only to realize you’re the only one awake? Normally when that happens I would will myself back to sleep. After several attempts of willing myself back into the state of sleep I found myself back in rhythm with the people in the house, sleep.

Who wants to be up while the rest of the house is sleep? I didn’t.

That brings to question another form of sleep, spiritual disconnect. Some time ago I would have spurts where I would find myself spiritually awakening at work during lunchtime, and on my conference calls. During these moments I felt that I wasn’t where I should be at that stage in my life. After awhile I discovered that I was no longer able to will myself back to sleep or disconnect spiritually. I became very uncomfortable with being around individuals that were disconnected from their life’s purpose.

I began to ask myself hard questions about my life’s journey. I being to pay attention to my life and this caused a craving to be true to my life’s journey. The more I sought the answers to my life’s journey I was unable to suppress or will myself back to a state of disconnect. I began to rewire how I lived my life. I set specific dates for events I call “mini awakenings” that I believe I needed in order to transition from spurts of awakenings to a longer state of awakening in time.

Mini awakenings for example can be experienced by fulfilling deferred short-term goals: learning to swim, learning a new language, meditate, taking a writing class, journaling, eating healthy, fasting, walking for pleasure, experiencing a movie alone, etc.

I have found through mini awakenings that I gained personal power to reach for even bigger goals and when I am met with fear I have all of my mini awakenings whispering my success of the smaller awakenings. The sense of accomplishment brought on by mini awakenings gifts me the power to accomplish large goals that will lead to extended awakenings. As we all know the longer you stay awake you are unable to go back to sleep no matter how great the fear is or the sense of doubt of the unknown!

What short-term goal will you commit to that will lead to your mini awakenings?