Write your tomorrow today

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” – Abraham Lincoln


Sometimes things come to us at times when we don’t or can’t readily identify with them. It may be that we aren’t: mature enough, open to receive what the universe or God has for us in that moment, so we don’t embrace it. This doesn’t mean that we should brush off the idea because it’s a reason for it whether we believe it or not, why it popped up in our consciousness.

I can speak on the time I made the purchase of a book titled: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Galdwell. I brought the book years ago and never read it. I tucked it away. I now realize that it was meant for this time in my journey.

Do you recall something that came to you through: inspiration or a vision? You weren’t ready for it at the time but you realized it was for you for a future purpose.

Let’s encourage each other that even when things don’t make sense at the time that it should be written down because we never know when we’ll need it for the journey ahead. A great way of keeping record of it is to keep a journal. This record of our thoughts will act as a roadmap that will remind us of those inspirational ideas and visions that we don’t want to lose. It’s refreshing and extremely helpful to look back on our thoughts and realize that years ago we felt this or the other.

If you’ve been participating in the “Wake38: Wednesday’s Wake-up call” you will find that you can look back on this exercise and figure out where you’re headed just by pondering on your answers to those hard questions.

Don’t be mistaken that what the universe/God pours into our thoughts are accessible to the entire world. If we have what we believe to be great thoughts or we’re inspired to do something and don’t write it down, we may lose it to a world of other individuals that are willing to pursue it. There isn’t a thought in the world or purpose worth pursuing that will be loss on any one person. What you don’t hold onto someone else will. Don’t be the person that wishes you had done it, but be the person that did it!