Wake-up and LIVE

“Once you wake-up and smell the coffee, it’s hard to go back to sleep.” – Fran Drescher

A quick coffee break in another work day for us!   Although it is a public holiday here for the Kings birthday & a little quieter in our neighbourhood than usual :)  #upsticksandgo #coffee #coffeegallery #kingsbirthday #bangkok #Thailand #break #travelgra

It hasn’t been that long ago that I took a huge leap of faith and removed myself from the daily grind of the working class. My life began to take a different turn and I couldn’t suppress the desire to LIVE more freely. I tried for a very long time to ignore the desire to step out and create the life I wanted. Initially, I took a vacation hoping to silence the still small voice. Then I took some alone time to clear my thoughts and hear the voice that constantly nagged me to reinvent myself. This soon lead to that still small voice increased urgency to push me out of the old way of life and into a new way of living.

When I began to pay attention to my life, that still small voice got louder and irresistible. My paying attention to life soon lead to my decision to leave my employer and spend the first three months of the New Year living more freely. Free from my day-to-day routine that included my 9-to-5. I made a plan to LIVE and CREATE for three months without having to stress about going to work the next day. As you can imagine I was VERY afraid. I had never stepped out on faith in this way. The feeling of being foolish and leaving my job was not a great feeling but soon after something happened. I felt at peace with my decision and that still small voice didn’t nag me any longer, instead the still small voice began to encourage me. I felt that everything would be ok and it was.

I look back on those months now and I am so happy that I took a leap of faith and followed my heart. I am a better person because of the those three months and I have learned things about myself that I would have never experienced had I not followed my heart. I want to encourage those of you that have a desire to live more freely. Listen to that still small voice and pay attention to your life.

As a result of stepping out on faith I have learned the importance of connections and being intentional about how I want to live my life. I hope this encourages someone to pay attention to their life and follow their desire to LIVE and CREATE!