1 way in, 2 ways out

Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe. – Saint Augustine


In every situation there is always an open door. It is our duty to figure out if we need to close one door in order to open another. The key is knowing when to look for an open door in life and walk through it. All too often we ignore what our life is trying to tell us. We experience all the signs of hitting a brick wall and instead of walking through that open door we sit in our misery.

Here are some of the signs that may indicate that you need to close the door…

  • You keep having that same exact feeling over and over.

Trust your gut. We hear this all the time and it’s true. You know you best. If you keep feeling like you’re in a situation that you need to walk away from then do just that. It’s not easy to do but you must do it. I believe that the longer you stay in the situation that you know you should have walked away from you will being to drain the life out of yourself. Not being true to yourself leaves you feeling worthless.

  • You can’t be yourself.

You shouldn’t have to pretend to be something you’re not. If you find yourself putting on different masks then you know that it’s time to look for an open door. It’s so much easier to be you. Acting is draining; ask yourself why do I feel like I have to be someone else?

  • You find yourself justifying your behavior.

“If I don’t do it who will?”

“I was just kidding I didn’t really mean it like that.”

“They made me do it.”

“Oh, he forgot it because…”

“It’s too hard!”

If you recognize yourself in this, I encourage you to work more diligently towards closing that door and seeking an open door.  If you work at building your faith you will be amazed at the opportunities that will present themselves. Activate your faith and watch how the doors of opportunity open up.