“You always have two choices: Your commitment verses your fear.” – Sammy Davis, Jr.


In one particular area in life you are really great at knowing when something just isn’t right. As you live you come to conclusions and solutions quicker when you experience a situation often. Your instincts in that particular area are well-seasoned. Depending on what it is, you are in high demand for your expertise in that particular area. You implement an action and you soon see the expected results.

Our instincts in some areas of our lives aren’t well-seasoned and that’s where faith comes in. Enacting faith is not contingent upon the weather, time of day, who you know or what you did. I remember when I first learned to drive. I was scared, nervous, excited and happy. Yes, all of it! I was waiting patiently for someone to say that they were too tired to drive. I was ready at all times to take the wheel. I recall volunteering to pick-up a family member. I soon learned that I would have to get on beltway that rainy evening. Sure I was comfortable with driving through the city but the BELTWAY for a new driver is scary!  Yet in still, I gathered all of my fear, nervousness, excitement and headed to the car. I had no idea where I was even headed. All I had were verbal directions and a pounding heart.

Merging onto the beltway I felt a lift that caused my body to stiffen. I felt right at that moment that I was hydroplaning. As the car turned opposite of what I was steering I froze and shortly thereafter I was faithdriven. I turned off the radio! I did not have instincts to rely on. I was a new driver. I wouldn’t have even known what hydroplaning was had it not been from an incident in which I was a passenger but in that moment faith showed up. Faith is readily accessible to everyone, at any place, at anytime, no experience necessary.

When life takes a left turn although you made a right, activate your faith because everything will be alright   🙂