Make each moment count

“I think it’s important to find the little things in everyday life that make you happy.” – Paula Cole


Imagine going on a road trip that expands several cities with that one singular destination in mind. You get back home and someone asks you: So how was it?

Can you imagine being at a loss for words?

You have done a lot of traveling only to get home and realize that you could have visited your Aunt whom you haven’t seen in years, checked out some sites, went to the beach, visited some museums, attended a festival, etc.

This is how we tend to live our lives when we put so much of our focus on our idea of the GRAND PURPOSE. Trust me the older you become the more disappointed you find yourself when you feel as though you don’t know your purpose in life. (It’s quite embarrassing I’m guessing.) Years ago I had this dream in which I was given some wise advice: Don’t run walk. If you run you may miss something.

Using that same example with the road trip. Yes, you could have done all those things and had so much to share about this experience but it’s rare that we realize how much we have gained along the way like: Patience, Commitment, Confidence, Charity, Faith, Endurance, etc. These are the traits we would have recognized we gained and/or strengthened if we were present in the moment.

In life I encourage you to roll down your windows, take in the air and enjoy the ride. I believe if we focus on the process and let go of our attachment to the GRAND PURPOSE we will find our purpose in living one day/moment at a time.

At the start of the day ask: What is my purpose today?

While on our way to the GRAND PURPOSE let’s try to be present in the moment and recognize our opportunities to strengthen our: Patience, Commitment, Confidence, Charity, Faith, Endurance, etc.