Caution: Imagines are closer than they appear!

“The less routine the more life.” – Amos Bronson Alcott

imagesMy routine got disrupted. First, my child getting into trouble at school. Then it was the breaks on my car. Then it was a mishap while dining out.

My reaction to each situation was calm at first. I am sure that calm came because I was confident in my ability to get things back on track. I started thinking about what I needed to do to solve the situation and by solving I mean get it back to where I wanted it to be. Then my next reaction when things didn’t fall in place was to panic. My mind started creating at that point an array of worse case scenarios that elevated my panic.

For the most part I didn’t want to deal with any of the problems I was now facing. I wanted my day back, I wanted my routine where everything went according to plan. So I resisted.

Resistance is absolutely the wrong thing to do. I have learned that in resistance I just get to the end slower but I ultimately get to the end, exhausted and in despair. As tired as I am, I’m left with no other option but to let go and receive what life presents to me.

I have found more effective ways to deal with situations now and most times it happens when I allow myself to be reminded of situations that I’ve overcome. If we don’t allow fear to take control we will find that our bodies will naturally remind us of those times when we were triumphant.

As tempting as it may be to ponder on the worst case scenarios DON”T. Just be still for a few moments. A brief break will broaden your perspective and give you insight on what to do next.

Again, resistance only makes things worse. Your problems magnify and fear grows into more fear. It drains your energy.

I encourage you and myself to enjoy the ride on the back roads of life knowing that soon you’ll be back on the scenic route, so buckle up! Routine is boring anyway, right 🙂