Gone fishing

“There’s a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot.”  -Steven Wright


Imagine you’re going fishing. You back into the parking space. You turn off your ignition. You step from the car. You walk to the trunk and take out your cooler. You hit the alarm and begin your trek towards the pier. There at the pier you spot an empty space next to an older gentleman sitting staring out into the vast ocean. You come to the space you will occupy for at least 7 hours you have decided. He looks up from his trance and gives you a welcome smile. You park your bum on the cooler and take stock of the other fishermen. You take inventory of their catch. Some have loads of fish and some have inventory that you believe should have been thrown back but at least they have a catch you tell yourself, better have some then none.

You’ve decided to cast your line to the northeast. You stand and get your bait out and hook it to the pool. The older gentleman is watching you and that’s when you notice that he has 7 lines casted. You continue preparing and hoping all the while that you’ll be successful in catching some fish. You cock your pole back and in a quick whip of the arm, you cast you line toward the northeast. The gentleman smiles at you and you smile back. You’re proud of yourself and finally after years of thinking about going fishing you’re finally doing it. You sit back down on your bum and wait for the ocean to grant you your reward.

An hour later, you notice that the lines of the gentleman’s poles are pulling. He stands and reel in fish for every line he casted. Then it seemed out of thin air he pulls in a basket full of fish from a net you never knew was there. You try to count his catch but it’s to plenty so you estimate… 20.

He smiles and gifts you one of his poles. With more hope then you had, you smile and cast your line.

Lesson: Sometimes it is not what you see but what you don’t see that will bless you. You may think that your acts are going unnoticed but there is always someone or something that is greatly affected by your actions. Be patient through it all and don’t allow fear to prevent you from casting your line.