Turning Pain into Power

“We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.” – Martin Luther King

There I was at the end of the road. There was nowhere to go. I could either accept the position I was in or pave a new road but how? I only considered this after wondering how I would reposition myself in order to open myself up to a smarter way of doing things. I was standing at a crossroads when out of all people the universe opened the door for this woman to enter my life disguised as annoyance. She wanted me to turnaround a job for her and put aside my most pressing issue at hand, I was at work after all (LOL).

So in all my annoyance with her – and her with me, we began to argue about my less than enthusiastic attitude about her urgent job. This landed us both in hot water, of course. I will spare you all the details but I was sent home and told to wait on a call in the morning about the outcome of my exchange with a client.

The next morning the call came and I was told to report to a different job site. Upon getting there I met with the Vice President of the company who informed me that I would be working at this site indefinitely and based off a recommendation I would also receive a long overdue increase.

It’s rare but it does happen when I find myself in a situation that I am not so happy about. Someone may say something triggering a behavior that I thought I had overcome. Someone may ask for advice and I may say something that I later regret. Someone may do something that makes me uncomfortable so I may withhold pleasantries.

In moments like these I am reminded of the work I must continue. I also know that despite the situation, the universe wants me grow.

We have heard the stories about people who have failed, gotten fired, or were told “no” a million times over. It was in those moments that they soared. Just accept that sometimes it may take you losing your job, house, relationship or even worst case scenario, your health but ultimately the universe wants you to succeed.

Be of encouragement to someone that is questioning “Why does this always happen to me?”