Change Agent: Sahvanna Arienta

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The Catalyst (Page 38)


Unknown-4There is always a catalyst or maybe more than one to send you into the dark night. It can be a divorce, the loss of a job, ill health, or any other loss that creates a void in your material or physical perspective. For me, it was the death of a loved one. At only 57, my father was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given only five weeks to live. I didn’t want to lose my father; I wasn’t ready to let go. How could a young man so full of vitality be taken away so quickly? I wondered. This is all there is? To work your whole life and have it all taken away from you, just like that… What’s it all for? I continually questioned life and my priorities. What a shock to realize that all my father’s work, all he had was no longer his, because he was gone! This experience (compounded by a series of other losses) sent me into a 10-year-long dark night of the soul. I missed the physical presence of my father and wanted that back. I mourned being able to see him, hearing his voice, and touching his face. Even though I believed in life after death, I still grieved and somewhere within me I stubbornly resisted the idea that his spirit was what was everlasting (not his body), and that we were now connected by a powerful source I could not see or touch.

The Death of a Illusion (Page 40)

When you experience your catalysts, these events can be so painful you may feel that there is nothing left for you. The sense of hopelessness can be overpowering and you may feel as if there is no way out of the pain you’re facing. But remember, these painful events were just triggers to bring you enlightment. The dark night of the soul is a kind of death in itself, but nothing real has actually died there – only an illusion. Often it is part of the awakening process, which will usually come during phases two and three (as we discussed in chapter 1), and navigating through the dark night of the soul is like paving the pathway to the real you that exists under all the illusions of the physical world.

Reaching the dark night of the soul always comes at a time when the spirit has reached a certain level of edification and is ready to proceed to the next step in the ascension process. There are many reasons the dark night of the soul experience present itself, but within your ascension strategy, it is all planned and goes along with what you come into this lifetime to learn. In other words, the dark night only comes when you are ready for it. It can sometimes feel unexpected (or we may see it coming), but for all Lightworkers who are awakening, the day comes when we learn the physical manifestations we perceive around us are not eternal. Surviving the dark night is not about the events that catapult you here, but how you mourn the death of the illusion.