Your Rhythm in Life

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it.” – Alan Lakein


The bear preparing for hibernation

The salmon swimming upstream

The caterpillar making a cocoon

The bee foraging for nectar and pollen

The spider spinning a web

Innately, they move at their own rhythm without question.

This makes me think about my very own rhythm in which I move in my life. We all have one. There are times we skip a beat or add noise to drain out the rhythm but understand that the rhythm is always there to carry you along.

I was never gifted nor was I interested in learning how to read music but I can catch a rhythm and two-step a whole song. This has led me to write out my rhythm on paper. On a blank piece of paper I wrote the months from January through December. Then I opened and read my journal of five years. Then I summarize the events for every month and wrote the rhythm of the month. For example:

JANUARY – New Beginnings, Beautiful mornings, Clear vision, and a Craving for Connections.

FEBRUARY – Great ideas, Manifestation, Financial Blessings, Self-reflection, and Family.

The great thing about knowing your rhythm is that it makes you feel safe. To know that the very next month is the month of Beautiful mornings allows you to plan ahead for those yoga sessions in the park. Or Self-reflection, allows you a jump start to asking those questions you need to get clear about.

I encourage you to figure out your rhythm!