Isaiah Bird: A True Inspiration

“Love is pulling together against all odds.” – Unknown

There I was in the bar sitting at a pub table with a friend enjoying an adult beverage and appetizers. For the sake of being a great girlfriend, I gave the television directly in front of me my full attention. I have to stay on my toes just in case he misses his team scoring a point on the big screen in-between bites. So in my lady like way, I turn to get the attention of the bartender when I catch a glimpse of yet another television! Just so happens the stars would align and ESPN is doing a segment on Isaiah Bird and his coach/mentor Miguel Rodriguez. I was taken aback by Isaiah because he doesn’t have any legs.

I was truly inspired by Isaiah and Miguel’s relationship. This was not the title ESPN used in the story for Miguel but I think the title: God Father fits. I have to say that he embodies this title: God Father, to me. A relationship that began byway of Isaiah’s teacher at school, appears to have blossomed into a beautiful relationship. Watching the story unfold and the interaction between Isaiah and his God Father seemed so natural that I thought he was his father. When I learned of their backstory I was amazed.

Watching Isaiah humbled me and made me sober! I was grateful to be in the bar at that moment watching ESPN because had I not, I would have missed their story!

Check out the video: