“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


Just the other night I had a heart-to-heart talk with a young teenage girl. She reminded me of my younger self at a time when I was questioning God’s presence in my life. I thought that prayer, like her, was more about receiving than anything else. Prayer to me was asking and getting, a time when I should tell God what was best and then he would work his power and make things happen. At that crossroad I felt that since he didn’t listen, I would disown the belief that God was in control. Questioning God was the best thing I could have ever done at that time in my life because it led me on an unchartered course that only I could have taken. It showed me that in the end, I needed something to believe in, even if it wasn’t God.

I shared with this young girl what I felt was best. No matter what you believe in or what someone tells you that they don’t believe in, everyone needs to believe in something/someone greater than themselves. Call it what you may, life is heavily depended upon hope, for without hope why do you continue on despite the obstacles you may face in life?

I told her that she must decide how she will exist in this world. Choose to seek that which allows you to exist as the best version of yourself. I know from experience that just going along with the religion/practice/rituals of your parents isn’t always what is best for you. At some point you have to decide, pray for direction and pave the way for yourself. Changing direction when it comes to something that has been instilled in you since infancy can be very challenging, I know but it will be one of the most important lessons in your awakening. Pay attention in this journey to that which speaks so intimately to you, to your spirit and trust it. You will be surprised at your journey towards enlightenment and how many people that you will draw into your life that will encourage you and lend you support.