What’s in a Question?

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” – Mother Teresa

Every Wednesday since the start of my blog I have dedicated Wednesdays to Wake-up Call questions, a 4 question post, that I hope will: intrigue readers, lead to internal conversations,  raise readers consciousness and further spiritual journeys.

I liken these questions to the curiosity of toddlers questioning their surroundings, trying to gain understanding about how they should move about in the world and how things should be and fit in and around their lives. As we become more conscious in our spiritual journey I see this same concept in our shift in consciousness. We began by daring to ask questions like, “What is my purpose?” By asking these questions, we debunk the falsities of what we believe to be our realities created by outside influences, such as a parent’s religion/faith, societies force feed inferiority about our culture and/or manipulative mind games, our practiced behaviors and attitudes we inherited from the company we keep, the list goes on.

This questioning is where your individualistic beliefs end and your journey towards oneness begins – through questioning. Your consciousness will rise in time and your vocabulary won’t include words such as: coincidence, luck, or happenstance. You will find those are great words for storytelling or for making the individuals who aren’t doing the conscious work, feel safe.

The journey towards consciousness is a tedious process but it doesn’t have to be. The more you continue on the more you’ll began to trust your instincts and lessen your resistance and start retraining your mind. At a later point you will see how connected you are to the world. Those shifts of consciousness will greet you at every turn through the tiniest occurrence of the living. There is no separation. All blessings and misfortunes are shared. 

Trust the universe/God to communicate to you and guide you along the way. When you can hold onto this truth of knowing without doubting yourself that your spiritual journey is concrete, then the elements will open up and speak to you, just don’t be dismissive when they do.

For example…

  • Don’t dismiss being wide awake 3 AM only to find out later that a tragic event unfolded in the morning miles away, as a coincidence.
  • Don’t dismiss the urgency of your pets bark or meow only to find out on the seven o’clock news that there was a registered earthquake in your city, as an hmm that’s interesting.
  • Don’t dismiss a spell of sadness at work while you were minding your own business only to find out later while surfing the internet that an innocence teen was gunned down in the streets, as a happenstance.

Continuous work towards awakening links you to the greater call of humanity to not only natural disasters, tragedies, but also to great wonders and discoveries in the world, advancements in medicine, advancements in technology, natural remedies, light-work, astrology predictions, we can look at some of the Empires of the Incas, Aztecs and Mayans and see that without all the technology, social media and the equipment that we have today, we were connected and the universe/God needs our ear now more than ever.

I want to encourage all to continue to self-examine through questions that will lead to a greater understanding of how you fit in the world. Trust your gut and raise your consciousness. Be aware and intentional about your steps, words, and works.