It’s not that complicated

“If the only prayer you say in your entire life is Thank you, it will be enough.” – Meister Eckhart

JOHN LOCHER/REVIEW-JOURNAL UNLV football players hold hands during a prayer circle after practice in Ely Nev. Aug. 13, 2007.

Imagine this – prayer is taking place and everyone has joined hands. In the those moments, you instantly start to conceive of the perfect prayer, you fumble through thoughts, confessions, desires, lists, whatever it is that you think sounds the best. Maybe you will get an award for prayer, your ego interjects. You stand there counting how many people are ahead of you, then you close my eyes and practice your prayer in your head. You take stock of the prayer that is being spoken at that moment while trying to figure out what profound words you can borrow for your own perfect prayer. At that moment – STOP!

If you are putting that much into prayer you should STOP! It’s not about out-doing anyone. Prayer can be about agreeing with the prayer of another sometimes and sharing in the prayer.

So when it’s your turn to pray whether in the company of others or in solitude, agree to join your voice with the petition of someone else by saying, “I agree” or just saying, “Thank you.” Don’t fall for the tricks of your ego.

From a personal standpoint, I have found that what I want to pray for most of the time while in the company of others, has already been prayed for.