Rise up and BE

“The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.” – Ben Okri


When I started this blog in March I researched and thought out: themes, quotes, and posts. I even created a calendar scheduling everything out for a year. Having never blogged before nor had I been a follower of a blog, I thought I had done well. I had concocted in my mind that I would be “10 Things that will make a great blog” kind of blogger.

“Be prepared,” is what we are told, so I went for it. After getting advice about the concept and the year worth of articles that I drafted, I didn’t feel fulfilled at all. Too much planning went into it, if that makes any sense.

In life we tend to feel safest when we have our plans worked out, no fail is the goal. We have thought about all the possibilities. We have a plan A, B, and C. So often though, our plans don’t go accordingly, which does not mean the goal will not be accomplished or that we have failed. It just means that we have to improvise and be creative in the moment.

We learn what we are made of when our plans began to unravel. How many videos have we seen where a public speaker relied on technology but just as soon as they began to speak, their powerpoint does not load, or the emcee who depends on the teleprompter, only for it to spaz out, or the fast food worker who accidentally slams the register closed and has to use their smarts to figure out your change. All terrifying experiences that will cause us to panic.

Now looking back on my blog and what I have shared thus far, I am proud of my authenticity. Ditching my initial plans to play it safe was for the best. Plans are great but too much planning will stifle your creativity!

Yes, it is less stressful to pull from an arsenal of draft posts at times but it can get boring. Just like in everyday life. Yes, I could take the highway and slug to work on the same route every morning but it’s so refreshing to take the scenic route once in a while.

It’s liberating when we let go of what is to be expected and allow our innate abilities to shine forth.

When we are able to look at our life and recognize our truth, it confirms that we are exactly where you are suppose to be: unrestricted, free, real, proud, happy, and taking full ownership of our journey.

**This article has me thinking about an improv class. I will definitely post about that experience if I do!