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Spirited: Unlock Your Psychic Self and Change Your Life


1211851_150906122235_spiritedThe SOUL test, or The Karmic Contract (Page 88 – 90)

What Spirit proves to me daily is that we each come into life with certain lessons to learn in order to spiritually grow and evolve. In fact, these challenges are set before we are born into our physical bodies, tests that we will either pass or fail in the lifetime.

I’ve come to understand that we’re all born with a loose script, or blueprint for our lives. The script is based on lessons we failed to learn the last time we were here and those we’re meant to learn this time around. (Am I talking about reincarnation? Yes, and again, my conviction is not grounded in any religious belief – rather, in the thousands of times Spirit has communicated to me that our spirits do not die.) On a soul level – before we were born – we each set up certain events to happen in our lives, but how we get there is totally up to us as individuals. Yes, that’s what I said. You set up your own tests. With the help and counsel of your soul group (and I’ll explain what that is later in the chapter), you determined what lessons you needed to learn this go-around. It’s kind of like sitting in a counseling session where you review what’s been going on in your life up to this point and where you need to go next. After you set up what you need to tackle, that’s where “free will” comes in. If you go with the flow – meaning you face challenges head-on and with the intent to resolve them – you will spiritually grow and move ahead. But if you resist learning the lessons life presents, which is what most of us do, you will find similar struggles continue to pop up again and again in different ways until you get it right.

I know this might sound a little of the wall, but believe me, I’m witness to this every day. Spirits show up with messages of shame, guilt, and regret, wishing they had lived their lives differently – the same sentiments Grandma Babe shared with me. Spirits urge me to show their loved ones a better way because they have proof that what we don’t work out in this life will only follow us into the next.

Hold On! I Don’t Get It: What happens if we don’t learn that lessons we’re supposed to learn in this lifetime?

Here’s the Deal: Unfortunately, many people “die” before they finish them work on Earth. They often carry their unresolved issues with them into the afterlife. Talk and baggage! At that point, they take an inventory of the positive and negative choices they made in life and they’re given two options: One, they can either work out their unresolved issues in spirit form by helping a loved one who is still living and who has similar lessons to learn (like my grandmother did for me); or two, they can choose to come back into the physical body and try to master their lessons once and for all.

What This Mean for You? The sooner you learn, the better. How do we do this? We start by shushing our ego an allowing our intuition to guide us.

Hold On! I Still Don’t Get It: What if I’ve been ruled by negativity and fear for most of my life and have been failing all my own tests, but now I’m ready to get smart and finally past them? Is it too late?

Here’s the Deal: Not at all. It’s never too late to re-create.

What This Means for You: Many of us have regrets about situations we wish we could undo – times in the past where we may have hurt someone we cared about, made foolish personal and professional decisions that negatively affected our lives or compromised our health in a big way.

While we can’t change the past, we are given what I call opportunities to re-do. Let’s say you have a good friend who likes to dominate and control you. You’re afraid to confront this friend, so she continues to boss you around. Eventually, you grow apart you don’t have to deal with her anymore, but you wish you’d been more honest and courageous. A few years later, you make another friend who reminds you exactly of your pervious girlfriend. She, too, tries to walk all over you, but this time you neutralized the pervious relationship. You’ve learned you lesson – the value of self-esteem and self-worth – and can move on to the next test life has in store for you.

A lot of situations come up in our lives that we just aren’t ready to face. When we turn our back on these opportunities for soul growth, the Universe delivers us another chance to learn our lesson down the road. It’s like the expression You can run, but you can’t hide. We can prolong our learning, but we’ll continue to be tested until we pass.