Stepping Up and Out

“A good teacher, like a good entertainer first must hold his audience’s attention, then he can teach the lesson.” – John Henrick Clarke


We all struggle with self-expression. Having been inspired to write about my recent episode about a decision to withhold my opinion, I decided to express my thoughts in the end. Like most, there are instances where I am not a reflection of my highest self and having noticed it, I decided that not being vocal is the best course of action. This awareness is beneficial, and presents us with a choice of whether to speak up or pass up an opportunity.

In recent days I sat contemplating about whether to associate with a writer who wrote an opinionated piece of writing that was peppered with profanity, even though it was inspiring and right on target. I refused to add my voice to the platform. I agreed totally with the message, but I didn’t want to be connected with her opinion because of the image I wanted to maintain. This was coming from someone who professes a likeness to self-expression at its rawest stage. The very thing that I am known for is the one thing I denied in the moment.

Once in a while we all have to be reminded to be true to who we are or else face resentment for not using those moments to strengthen the vibration. I embrace my unfiltered approach as one of many natural talents that I am proudest of. So to have read a post where the writer’s voice felt authentic and raw and not want to be associated with it became symbolic of my turning my back on my truth. This was small scale, but I know that if we don’t check ourselves in the small things, soon we will find all our hard work fleshed down the drain for the sake of fitting in.

I am reminded in this moment that majority of people need assistance to awaken. If you don’t know, the masses are deaf and blind to the truth of a thing and when you have masses of people that crave falsities, they seem to only be jarred awake by imagines, profanity, lies, violence, and sex.

Knowing myself and from what has been spoken of me, I get high marks on people reading and understanding individuals just by holding that initial connection. I am on target with this high sense of knowingness and have been complimented of this ability by others. So its part judgment and communication, to understand when it’s appropriate to use profanity, imagines, nudity, violence, and sex to convey a message to an audience if you have an idea of who you want your message to reach.

Try to follow me.

You won’t hear a great spiritual leader saying, “Fuck meditation today, have a beer and do you!”

No, we won’t and I am not saying that they should, but what I am asking is, “Are we not trying to wake the sleeping?” And waking the sleeping calls for unorthodox methods, because a teacher of teachers at some point becomes un-relatable to the masses, at some point. This often leads to questioning a leaders authenticity and a lot of useful information is lost on immaturity.

How much sense does it make to teach only to the spiritual elite? They already know this stuff and yes, we can appreciate it but what about the masses that can’t wrap their minds around mindfulness, being present, oneness and the real work that goes into raising your vibration?

So to that end, here is the post that inspired this post: Twelve Habits of Happy, Healthy People Who Don’t Give a Shit About Your Inner Peace