In the Beginning was the Truth

“There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, nothing more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.” – Niccolo Machiavelli




When we are born we are at our freest state of being. For sometime the world around us allows us our freedom. Then there came a time when the smirks on our infant faces aren’t so cute and we began to realize it when we are asked, “What are you smiling for,” by our loved ones. We learned from this question and ones like it that, it’s unacceptable to smile even on the inside without reason.

As time went on we learned that the only way to get attention is with pain. So we cried our hearts out for a change, feeding or attention. Then as more time passed we were further removed from our truth. There began our path to beliefs and values that were taught with great care by our loved ones. We soon adopted our families core values as our own in order to fit in the world. We were taught that we had to believe certain things in order to consider ourselves an upstanding citizen and no smirking without reason was the way.

Then time got the best of us and we were bruised and the pain became to heavy of a burden, so we learned to bury it with addictions. Depending on our poison of choice, those bruises will remain unearthed for decades or for some, until the day they die.

Depending on how bad we want to circle back to when smirks were acceptable, we begin digging up that ancient tree we call our life, and hack away trying to get to the root of our addictions. If we are successful in this attempt, we realize that a lot of our life is better off chopped away because most of the branches are not of any use, and do not serve our highest self, we soon learn.

At the root of the thing we call our life we learn, that it’s just about getting back to who we were before all the lies, and learn to exercise freedom of choice. We learn that for all the bruises, we can share our experiences to uproot ourselves and someone else from their painful stagnation in life.

At the root, after we clear away the weeds and prune our branches, there surfaces that brave spirit of a person that lost their way but through it all, to rediscovery.