I kept trying to push past this video on my reader. Not because I didn’t value what would be said, it’s just that I thought maybe I didn’t need to hear it.

As I began to listen I thought about a special someone in my life, my sister. You see for years, I had asked her to take a vacation with my girls and me. Every time I brought the idea up, she said, “Once I pay my bills, we’ll go.”

The few times in the beginning I thought, ok, next time, next year even. Then as the years went on I had this same talk with her that is expressed via video. It’s never going to be a perfect time I internalized with frustration! It’s heartbreaking to know that there are so many people that actually believe in this “perfect timing”.

Anyway, I confronted my sister about this and asked her for all the years we’ve not gone on vacation, has she paid all her bills? Her reply, “NO.” This reply changed her perspective and it wasn’t long after that we were on vacation. We managed to enroll our children into Girls Scouts and one of the many benefits of joining afforded us an opportunity to vacation.

In most cases where someone has this mindset, where the perfect day will appear and then I will do that thing, the NOs win, every single time! Unbelievable right?

Let’s recruit more YESes!

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