Where will we stop nobody knows

“If my art has nothing to do with people’s pain and sorrow, then what is ‘art’ for?” -Al Weiwei

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To really understand a person you have to look at their lowest point and then their highest point. To understand a country you have to access their darkest secret and who they regard as honorable contributors to their society. Then you can begin to get a glimpse of the person or country by how they move between the two spectrums.

A person is always moving between the two, or at least that’s what I see. I have completed the circle time and time again. Addressing pain, suppressing pain, rehashing pain, healing, around and around, until I closed the circle and repeated the process. The more I move in between the two spectrums of my life the easier it seems.

A country like a person is always moving between the two spectrums as well. Always coming in a complete circle. We the people of whatever particular country it is look at it of course, from a myriad of prospectives. The truth is that no matter how it’s conceptualized, it is all the same and the circle continues unbroken.

In the end, all pain should be addressed, why? It stalls the circle. When the pain of a person or a country is addressed it gives hope and that’s the cure to brokenness. Knowing that you the person or the country can overcome.

When I share that I believe that it is possible for a world to exist without racism, I get this head shaking and finger wagging response of: That will never happen but we need people like you to believe in it. Like we need people to wish on stars and we need people to believe in miracles.

Then there are days when I don’t believe I will witness in body, a world where racism doesn’t exist. Mainly because I think we need it, racism. Just like we need mirroring imagines of unapologetic revolutionaries. How about the atrocities’ countries experience that I think at times are necessary because it is necessary to have a country stand up in solidarity. Is it not at times in solidarity that we the people or the country truly get a bird’s eye view of how far we’ve come. In solidarity we then see our lowest point. What does trouble me is that when countries get a clear view of their lowest point and then make every attempt to erase any signs of it ever happening, or refuse to address it. It stalls the circle. Reminiscent of a person refusing to address their pain, ignoring it doesn’t make it go away, it makes things worse.

Like a common cold left untreated, turns into a sore throat and a snotty nose. You get all kinds of evidence that something hasn’t been addressed.

The constant moving from one end of the spectrum to the next is the unbroken circle of life. Around and around we go.