You Should Be Here

“Life cannot subsist in society but by reciprocal concessions.” – Samuel L. Jackson

W38 Tepee

Take a look around and then take stock of where you are, mentally, physically and so forth. Claim that piece of earth you call your own and pitch your tent.

Now look at where that one person, maybe it’s me, maybe it’s your mother, maybe it’s your best girlfriend/boyfriend, cousin, father, son, daughter, sister/sista, brother/brotha, or even your grandmother and be FORGIVING. Forgiving of what? Yourself and/or the person you got into a discussion with recently, who opposed something that you thought would change their prospective.

Remember where you are. Don’t lose sight of that piece of earth you claimed as your own.

Now open up a space to allow people an opportunity to hear a different view. That’s all you are doing and don’t forget that. You are not forcing your view because it will just frustrate you, right? It’s the sharing of information that makes relationships more fluid, not the force feeding of it. (Oh yes, I am talking to myself, too.)

“You’re not special. We tend to think we are because we have a bit of wisdom or knowledge that we think we are only privy too,” I had just recently told this guy. He said, “I like to think I’m special, because I seek out the truth to uplift my people and educate them about the past.”

“I get it,” I told him.

He went on to say, “there aren’t a lot of people who listen to their history, they act like it’s all in the past and nothing is going on.”

Does that make him special, I asked myself?

We are all constantly making choices to grow. All knowledge and wisdom is accessible to every human being. Wisdom and knowledge meets you where you are in life. Just because he decided to sit longer with wisdom than the next person doesn’t make him special, it makes him wiser and more knowledgable.

Our conversation lead to: How do you get through to someone and help them break their bad habits and routines they have in place to fight any wisdom or knowledge someone shares?

Let’s take for example a person, engaging all five senses all day, daily, in the muddy waters of trashy television shows, fast food and liquid sugar drinks, music that does everything but feed the mind and soul. Then they repeat this same cycle for years.

Now the universe opens up a space for a wise person and the person described above. You have for every word of wisdom spoken, the wall that has been built to keep wisdom out.

Wisdom and knowledge (for me) are most effective when you drop it and move on. It’s more receptive from a complete stranger. Continue this for a while to a person and you’ll add to all the voices of wisdom that life has deposited.  Your voice will add volume in time, getting louder and that will eventually hold that person accountable. Accountable meaning, they will decide what is best for them at some point and stand by it.

When I began to hold myself accountable for certain behaviors that were so routine that I didn’t even question them, I felt like I was at war within myself. Changing behaviors was like, fighting an addiction. The behaviors were so ingrained that I felt like approaching them were suicidal. Then something happened. Wisdom and knowledge met me where I was.

The wisdom of a stranger from the train during my daily commute, encouraged me. My empathy in my youth recalled the drug addict that graduated from rehab, reminded me that nothing is impossible. The knowledge of a newly released felon at my local library years ago, gave me hope of a beautiful tomorrow. The single mother that passed me with a smile every morning, gave me hope when I needed it most.

They were all strangers that dropped wisdom/knowledge off and I unbeknownst to myself, tucked it away.

More than likely the seeds have already been sown. Don’t get your panties in a bunch when someone doesn’t jump and change their life on demand when you give them a bit of your wisdom. You have added to their arsenal of wisdom and knowledge and at the right time, for them, they will pull from that.Walk away knowing that you have made a difference and in due season they will bear fruit.