A Call To Action

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” – Joseph Campbell

Pina W38

It was on August 14, 2015, that Peru showed up in my writing. I thought nothing of it but it got my attention because I didn’t know where it came from, I didn’t even know where to find Peru on the map. So after drafting the post, I went and googled Peru and checked the map to see where it was. I read articles and I was amazed that this place had somehow made its way into my writings regarding magical moments.

Since that post, I can’t seem to shake Peru. It seems that I am constantly reminded about the wonders of Peru. For instance, I would be reading an article that has nothing to do with Peru but there would be a link to Peru hotels. Another time I was sitting reading and I would look up just in time to see a stilled picture on the tv of the Incan’s temples. Or another time when I went to my writing group and overheard a writer talking about his recent trip to Peru.

It wasn’t until after googling that I found that people from all walks of life are drawn to the Peruvian Amazon seeking life-changing visions.  They go to find a deeper meaning for life, reconnect with their higher self, practice with shamans and participate in ayahuasca healing journeys. I read about Ayahuasca Peru: Hell and Back, a traditional medicinal of the peruvian indeiegous people used to transcend into a space in which they gain insight of their higher self with the assistance of a studied shaman.

I have had a variety of recurring thoughts about: places, people, events, and opportunities that should be pursued, and now Peru is my next order of business . I have since taken the initiative to set aside the money and the time to make this happen. My expectations: to allow what has drawn me to Peru to unfold. So I will not be indulging in ayahuasca, or camping with shamans, or anything. I plan to just go and enjoy the culture, hike, visit the ruins and communion with the indeigousness people of South America’s Lake Titicaca. I plan also to purchase a crystal while there. I’ve never worked with crystals and I would love to see if that’s something that I can benefit from.

Through-out my journey I have found that recurring dreams, ideas, thoughts, and meetings have a place in my life. When they are realized I have experienced teachable moments that have lasting impact.

I am reminded of the time when I was feeling that I needed to go to the ocean. This feeling would not let up. Soon after I got invited to a ocean ceremony. I knew then that it was the universe presenting a space for me to bring this to fruition. I had the most enlightening time and I felt like my soul was satisfied by being there at that moment with all the women who took part in this ceremony showing gratitude, just embracing what the universe had given us and being grateful that we were together supporting each other on our individual/collective journeys. I am believing this for my recurring thoughts of Peru, that the universe will present for me at the right time all that I need to make this trip a reality.

Recurring instructions from the universe is a call to action. I am sure you all know this. It can be hard to act on it initially but if you witness enough occurrences, you will soon see in time that it not mere happenstance. I have come to accept that I am never alone when presented with recurring calls to action. When I stand on something, I believe deeply in my spirit whether I recognize it right off or not, that it is a gift from God showing me that for all the control I thought I had, I really can’t control it all. Recurrences are opportunities in disguise that should cause me to pause, knowing that I have received an assignment. It is today that I realize that this assignment isn’t  as comfortable as going to the beach and giving gratitude, it will be the first time that I will travel to South America.

What I know for sure… I am going to Peru, I must pack light and that’s enough for me. When have you recognized a reoccurrence in your life and acted on it?