You Should Believe In Yourself More

“Follow your intuition, listening to your dreams, your inner voice to guide you.” – Katori Hall


I remember catching the bus home one evening after work and as I made my way towards the back of the bus, this guy stepped in the aisle and beckoned me to the inside seat. Of course, I was relieved because I didn’t want to go all the way to the back. As I slid in next to him, my inner voice alarmed me to decline the seat, just as I sat down. The alarms in my head were loud and it caused my heart to pound hard. I turned to make eye contact just to be clear that my inner voice was set off because of him. Our eyes met and it was confirmed, the pounding of my heart made me sink down in the seat.

It was then that I noticed that the slender guy couldn’t seem to keep his leg from touching mine. I tried not to react by squeezing my thighs closer together and scooting over more. This didn’t help because the more I moved over, he opened his legs wider in order to touch my leg with his.

I knew that I had to get out of there. I felt his energy all over me. It felt like a sexual assault on the spirit. I sat there trying to figure out how I could move around him without rubbing up against him. I knew that if his energy was that strong that he wouldn’t allow me to exit so easy. It was then that I got a tap on the shoulder from a stranger sitting behind me. She held up her cell phone and it read: Get out of that seat now. That guy is a pervert!

Can you imagine? I knew it, I had every intention of getting up but if I was looking for a confirmation, I got it!

Today I went to my daughter’s school. We had a meeting but had to wait in the office until another parent arrived. My daughter and I sat talking. When the office door opened, we were in conversation paying little attention to who walked into the office. We both shared a laugh until, I became paralyzed by the energy of a lady who had just walked into the office. Her energy was aggressive. She didn’t look in my direction, she didn’t touch me, as a matter of fact she sat across the way. I later learned from my daughter that she was the parent of a young lady she had a fight with.

Never ignore the energy, it’s real.

I remember a time when I had offended a young lady I worked with. In trying to mend the situation I went to her alone and I apologized for my actions. Hoping to resolve the situation, I believe I made it worst. Yes, her energy was strong and she wasn’t happy with me although, she smiled and insisted that I had done nothing wrong. As I walked away from her desk her energy confirmed that she had declared war on me! And yes, it was war that lasted up until the day I left.

Energy can not be faked.

It’s not all about body language or facial expressions. When I think back to the one time last year I stepped completely out of character, I think about the energy behind that.

I was at the movie theater waiting on my friend to arrive. I had already secured our seats, when a couple walked in. I recalled seeing the lady at my daughter’s school (different lady then mentioned above), she was known for disrespecting people. I had never had a confrontation with her, but knew about her reputation from the students/parents/administrators. As she crossed me to get to the seat beside me her energy pounced on me. I tried to rationalize it in my head but I knew something was brewing. I turned to face the seat I was saving for my friend and tried to deflect her energy. I would have switched seats but the theater was crowded.

My friend arrived to the dark theater, we exchanged words and that’s when she opened a can of verbal whip butt on him. In the middle of her yelling I placed my hand on her arm and she went silent. It was over outwardly, but inside of us all things were raging. I sat through the entire movie struggling with her energy, to the point that I couldn’t no longer sit in my seat. I walked out the theater to try to get myself under control but I lost that battle. When I returned for the rest of the movie, I was now plotting my attack.

The lights came on and it took me 2 whole minutes, 20 steps in all, before I unleashed all the energy I had stored up from her, my friend and myself too! When it all ended, I was disgusted with myself. I was embarrassed that I failed. It takes a lot for me to react and it’s rare, so I was disappointed. I used the energy of that situation to my detriment.

In all these examples, the energy could be felt. The easiest way I think to read energy is eye contact and observing body language. I don’t have a list of ways to become an expert of reading energy but I will say trust yourself. I think that’s the key to everything. Stop discounting your light!

A cool exercise that I have found helpful when I go through periods of doubt – Write down some of the times when you have thought something and you decided not to listen/or you did listen and it was later confirmed that you were right on point.

All the best in your journey,