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Contacting you Higher Self 


When you first become consciously aware of the experience of your higher self, you will find that it seems to come and go rather sporadically. At one moment you may feel strong, clear, and creative, the next moment you may be thrown back into confusion and insecurity. This seems to be a natural part of the process. Once you are aware of your higher self, you can call on it whenever you need it, and gradually you will find that it is with you more and more of the time.

The connection between your personality and your higher self is a two-way channel, and it’s important to develop the flow in both directions.

Three Necessary Elements 


There are three elements within you that determine how successfully creative visualization will work for you in any given situation:

  1. You must have a true desire to have or create that which you have chosen to visualize. Ask yourself, “Do I truly, in my heart, desire this goal to be realized?”
  2. The more you believe in your chosen goal and the possibility of attaining it. The more certain you will be to do so. Ask yourself, “Do I believe that this goal can exist:” and “Do I believe that it is possible for me to realize or attain it?”
  3. You must be willing to accept and have that which you are seeking. Sometimes we pursue goals without actually wanting to attain them. We are more comfortable with the process of pursuing. Ask yourself, “Am I completely willing to have this?”

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  1. In the last few months I’ve thrown around that very question to myself do I truly desire to realize this goal or that goal? It’s a process that allows me to be truthful and honest while digging deep so that I am able to better visualize and formulate the picture(s) in my mind of what it is I do want to attain. My opinion differs just a bit on the third point of am I completely willing to have it because if I created the thought it’s truly already mine whether it’s good, bad or indifferent-the universe doesn’t distinguish. I like to think of it rather as am I willing to be in the flow with my higher self and the universe and allow myself to openly receive my manifestations.

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