Wake38: Wednesday’s Wake-up Call

“Hope is a waking dream.” – Aristotle


4 Hard Questions to Wake the Sleeping

  1. Have you done anything lately worth remembering?
  1. What season is my life in?
  1. Are you excited about your future?
  1. What do you consider to be your biggest problem?

Write down your answers and keep them in a safe place. Every so often read your responses. It takes time and a willingness to change but you will gradually awaken as you ask yourself hard questions such as the ones above and open yourself up to intentional change!


  1. can you explain the seasons question? or link to a post you may have written about it? I’ve listened to Jim Rohn so I understand winter and summer, but I don’t understand what spring and fall are supposed to represent?


    1. Yes, the explanation for: What season is your life in?

      For instance, I experience winter-like conditions in the summer. Around July 25, I grieve the death of my brother. It would take years before I set the intention to prepare for my winter in the summer.

      Initially, I didn’t plan for this period. I just allowed my thoughts to run amuck. The reality is I could prepare for my winter in summer by applying different beliefs to get me through this period.

      I would liken it to the winter season. We know in advance that winter brings cold temperatures and snow. With this knowledge we prepare in the fall by buying coats to keep us warm. Same with my winter-like patterns in the summer, I know that I will grieve my brother so I prepare by having family dinners at the house or doing something with my brother’s children, to remind me that his love is within reach.

      Taking this approach will not alleviate the winter-like patterns I have been experiencing but instead I take this knowledge and prepare myself for what is to come. Grieving for me is necessary, like winter is necessary for life. I will stress that this period doesn’t have to overtake my summer. I am able to cut these winter-like patterns short and push myself into spring, a time for a new beginning by changing my thoughts, for instance, or taking a different approach as mentioned above. Soon I find that I am back in sync with summer. Every season has its place and my goal is never to do away with a season instead I want to prepare ahead by setting my intentions and preparing ahead.

      I hope this helps.

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      1. This helped a lot actually and made a lot of sense:) Thanks for making it personal as well, I send my condolences, thank you so much for putting a lot of effort into this comment to explain it to me

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