Change Agent: Charlotte Parnell

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Self-Healing (Page 42)


9780760732175_p0_v1_s260x420Love heals. It heals not only our emotions but also our physical state. It is the light that casts out the shadows of darkness, of fear, of illness, of disease. To live one’s life with love flowing freely is the perfect state of being. “But of course we cannot do this, “I hear you say. We can, and every day we can make a new start, a fresh start at it. We have to practice the practice of letting in the Light, letting in this Divine Love. It is so powerful and beautiful and with it comes wisdom and truth.

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You can send this light, this love, this energy, anywhere, even around the world, with your thought, by just sending it wherever you want in your mind, and it will be so. This is called distant, or absent, healing. I have (without prior knowledge of it being sent) received absent healing from other people and I have been able to say the exact times at which they were sending it because I have been able to feel it so strongly. Some of those sending it were delighted and astonished at my confirmation of their efforts – they had only hoped their loving thoughts would have some effect without ever being given precise confirmation before. What a different world it would be if we all practiced this for each other. I do not believe this is fantasy, some hippy dream. Having seen and felt the power of this love, I know it is real.

We have all seen love in action. You cannot scientifically measure it: there is no “loveometer” yet, but we know it exists. Even the most cynical person is not immune to the emotion of love and understands it has an “energy” of something. We have all seen its healing power in action: the child with a cut knee is comforted in the arms of its mother, who pours out her love to it, and within a minute that child is desperate to get down and be off playing again. We know that we feel better when surrounded by love.