Change Agent: Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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Restoring the Balance Through Realignment (Page 46 – 50)


516aV03YIfL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_When you balance the way you want to be with the way you’re being received, there’s a distinctly pleasurable feeling of being in harmony with life. It’s not that you’re seeking approval or groveling for respect or love. It’s more that you’re in the world in a way that’s congruent with your inner desire to be that kind of person you are.

            You accomplish this by first noticing when you’re feeling misperceived, than determining if your words and actions match the truth of your inner thoughts. This alignment check will eventually and almost automatically give you a reading that compares what you’re projecting outwardly with what you’re inwardly wanting to express. Lets take a look at some of these indices, keeping in mind that every thought you have about yourself has an energetic component.

Here are some of the most obvious qualities that describe the ways you feel about yourself. Review these elements, keeping in mind that your objective is to balance what you send out in your daily interactions and behaviors with the truth within you. This alignment check calls for self-honesty along with a willingness to experience radical humility in the process.

I am a loving human being. If you both desire and believe this to be true about yourself, then you’re two-thirds of the way toward being in balance in this principle. Your desire to be a loving person, and at the same time your truth that you are a loving person, leaves only the third element: how others perceive you. If you’re feeling misunderstood or unloved, then before you can perfectly balance the scales, you need to determine whether the loving human being you see yourself as, and want to be, is seen by others.

Here are some ways of being that are counterproductive to being perceived as a loving human being and create an imbalance:

  • A strong position of hatred toward anyone or any group of people—you’re out of balance.
  • Violence in any form, including aggressive verbal outbursts — you’re out of balance.
  • Support for weapons designed to produce megadeath explosions – you’re out of balance.
  • You enjoy being entertained by films portraying hatred and killing—you’re out of balance.
  • Verbally belittling others’ beliefs and insisting that your beliefs are superior – you’re out of balance.

In order to realign yourself to create the balance you desire, seek the feedback of significant people in your life. Ask them if you come across as the loving human being you believe yourself to be. Then begin the process of monitoring your thoughts to see how they line up with your self-portrait. And finally, let your thoughts of love become the driving force behind your unloving behaviors. This is true alignment.

Begin looking at the world as a vast mirror reflecting back to you exactly what you are. If you truly are a loving human being, the world will look like a loving place to you, and this will be how you’re perceived. You will have restored balance, and consequently, there will be no discrepancy between how you see yourself and what the world is reflecting back to you. If the world continues to look like an unloving and unlivable place, I urge you to keep examining the kind of energy that you’re projecting outward.