Unveiling the heart

Here is a brief thought that came to mind as a result of reading…

I have been planning and working tirelessly on my goal to accomplish a life in which I am financially independent from Corporate America’s clock. I did experience that for a few months last year and it was everything I dreamt it would be. Over the years I have experienced freedom in shorter increments, whether a weekend or a day here or there. Toni Morrison says it best, “Freedom is waking up in the morning and deciding for yourself what to do with the day,” that’s the closest I can get to the definition of freedom and Toni Morrison’s interpretation suits me well.

Our actions, our thoughts, our desires all work together towards our goals and sometimes we are not always reminded of why we do what we do, or in a moment of what feels like stagnation we kick ourselves before realizing that the life we are craving out for ourselves is a great life. When we step back and look at it from afar we tend to see it so clearly, in that moment it all makes sense the good and the not so good. When we give ear to the kind words that people say that support us we will soon realize that for all our hard-work that we have always made a difference.
There have been signs along the way, whispers behind our backs that have praise our commitments, dedication, willingness to support others but we brush it off not knowing that the whole time it was directed towards us. The energy of our supporters that look a lot like people we know and a vast majority of people we don’t know but they have been watching us all along.

Today I am grateful for what I have accomplished right now, today. I see the heart I have carved out for myself in my life and I am going to spend some time today resting on my laurels. I encourage you to do the same. – W38

frond yoga with Becky May

For the last month, my partner and I have been happily living on the side of a beautiful mountain in a remote part of northern Portugal.  The reason for this change of address has been to try out community living for the first time, with a relatively new community venture called Merkaba Community.  I’ve been intrigued by the communal living model for some time now – it strikes me that we humans are social creatures at heart and we need to be part of a community, yet how many of us actually feel that we are a valued part of a community?

DSCF1225.JPG ‘Home’ for the past month – we couldn’t get the van all the way up the dirt track, so ended up living in a little layby around 500 m from the community, with glorious views all round!

During the month, we received delicious, home-cooked vegan meals…

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