Seasons Change: Thank God for that!

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – Francis Assisi


There are times in life when the old passes away and new beginnings take form. It’s sometimes subtle and sometimes abrupt. There are times when others see it in you and it’s time when you see it in yourself. Just as seasons change, so do we. Just as abrupt as it may seem and before the calendar date the seasons’ change.

The calendar may state that spring shall commence on March 20 but here we are experiencing cold winter-like weather in April. Then weeks later spring–like weather appears. No one can truly predict the actual date beforehand of changing seasons.

Centuries ago, we estimated the occurrences by looking at the fruit the earth produces, the trees falling leaves, and when animals hibernate. If you’re a gardener you’ll start to see you perennials blooming or you roses budding. If you fish you’ll start to see more bass and crabs in the water.

In life there are changes that you must pay immediate attention to in order to know what season you’re in as well. Unlike the calendar exacting when spring begins and ends, we do not have an external write-up telling us when we will move into different seasons in our lives. One of the reasons we miss the seasons beginning and ending in our lives is mainly due to routine and habit.

For years we do a great deal of things strictly by habit. We sleep walk all the time based off of what works best for our everyday existence. For those of us who work 9 to 5 we are on repeat day in and day out. As the seasons change in our lives we never really notice. We fight and resist change. The routine is ingrained in our being and despite noticing a change we force ourselves to stay in routine.

If you hadn’t already experienced it you will sooner or later find that no matter your routine life has a way of upsetting it. It is in upsets that you are faced with a break in routine and you experience what you’re really made of separate from your routine. You notice in those moments what season you’re really in. Your blinders are off, and your world expands. Initially you will resist as you reach for the familiar. You look around for the familiar as you try to hold onto your routine. Then you began to grieve the way things use to be. In this moment you truly show up. Pay attention to that still small voice and take inventory. Is that small voice…

  • Positive or negative?
  • Patient and understanding?
  • Blaming others for life happenstance?
  • Angry for finally seeing what you’re made of?

I’ll end with this – A good friend asked me at the beginning of our relationship: “Do you love me?” I sat there not long and my reply was, “I can’t honestly say that I do – until we go through something will I really know how deep my love for you really runs.”

It is in those moments for most people when not only do we see people for who they truly are, we see ourselves.

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