Change Agent: Rasha

Be Inspired. Be Empowered. Be Transformed.

Chapter 16 (Page 139)


“The sacred science of manifestation. Transforming possibility into probability. Overcoming Karmic conditioning. Manifestation as an emerging art form. Building a foundation for mastery.”

UnknownAs you journey ever deeper into the transformation process, you will become intensely aware of the signals provided by your life circumstances and by your state of physical health as to your vibrational levels relative to all that surrounds you. It will be quite easy to determine where you stand in your own process, at any juncture, simply becoming aware of the ease or the difficulty you experience in manifesting your hearts desire in your day-to-day life.

You will find that you have become the observer and the object of that awareness simultaneously. And the process of assessing your state of beingness and modifying your choices accordingly will become an integral part of living. This approach is what many term “conscious.” For, under the conditions now well under way, there is not the luxury of random action unsupported by focused intent. Every action, every thought, and every nuance of every choice each add their measure to the vibrational whole and contribute to the creation of the reality you experience as your life.

You will begin to feel pressed to access your life direction again and again as the process intensifies. And you may find yourself feeling compelled to make radical changes in your life circumstances that would result in the severing of ties with situations that no longer serve your highest purpose, both professionally and interpersonally. It will become obvious to you that certain relationships and certain activities have become obsolete, in terms of your spiritual evolution. And it will continue to become clear to you that you cannot continue to justify perpetuating situations that leave you drained energetically.