“The aim of life is to live, and to live is to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.” – Henry Miller 

This was written in the morning after waking up some time go. My frustration had been consuming me surrounding the latest events that have unfolded and play on repeat on every news channel and radio station around the world.

I imagined, a world where everyone would intentionally do the work that it takes to awaken to a higher level of consciousness.

The work I speak about through-out this post is reflective of a person who strives daily to take proven wisdom found in every experiences to explore the darkest corners of their psyche to spark a light. The aim is to turn on every light within their soul until every light in the body is on. For every light they turn on within, it illuminates the world and adds to a greater force that benefits all of humanity.

The work drives down to the WHY of it all.

The work in everyday life appears in conversations that pry open doors that were long ago closed. We don’t speak on it, but somehow in conversations the door creeps open a bit causing us discomfort. It may have happened during a conversation about a friends love for their mother’s sweet potato pie. And right when they reminiscence about the icy look of the pie and the sweet charge that they remember as a child does it remind us of our own distance relationship we may have with our mother. The work begins there in the middle of the conversation when the memory swings on the rusty hinges of our past.

I remember how hard it was to face the dark as a little girl. It wasn’t until I got older that the boogie man disappeared and I realized for all the things I feared the darkness gave them life. It is in the light that illusions disappear and the truth of a matter presents itself.

Spiritual downloads are serious business because most times at least with me, I have to sit with it and try in all my humanness to hold onto a truth that may or may not mirror my present knowledge. There have and will be times when the thought or conversation is beyond me and I cannot grasp the message and it escapes me temporarily. In time, I trust that the thought will revisit me.

Allowing people the ability to glimpse into my thought life is different but it’s necessary. Necessary because I aim to help sensitize a world, that seems unbothered by the growing trend of violence as a form of entertainment. I aim to grow the WORK-force.

I work in corporate America, I am a mother, I vote, I party occasionally and yet, I do the work for the sake of illuminating the world and living a life of ease. A life where pain and joy comes in waves. I plan and work daily in pursuit of my passion. Ease in life is a life in which I am constantly reminded that all of the discomfort that life brings accounts for my growth, so I work to lessen my resistant and that’s why growing older makes me happier every year. I accept my part in the pain knowing that the pain in this life benefits the entire world.

To stay in the midst of spiritual union longer one must be willing to let go and press deeper in love or any other higher thought. These thoughts bring about memories that take us higher and places us in conversation where love teaches us the truth about who we are. When we stay in this space we unite with a greater force that will answer the questions we so desperately need the answers to. In the space of love all things that matter to this world has no value. In that space pain and fear is unknown.