We Never Really Think About It

“As long as a habit or routine dictate the pattern of living, new dimensions of the souls will not emerge.” – Henry Van Dyke

We wake-up from a good night’s rest and stare at the ceiling. We close our eyes and press snooze. We wake-up again to shift the covers and look at the time. We stare back at the ceiling while rubbing our faces and then we close our eyes. We let our minds drift. We stare at the ceiling. We try to recall a dream by squeezing it back into view. We snap out of it when we feel ourselves falling back asleep and sit up in the bed. We look at the floor to make sure there are no sharp objects and stand to stretch, yarn, and rub our faces. We rotate our head round and round. We rub our faces. We contemplate laying back down after looking at the clock or our phone. We place the phone on the charger and continue to stand.

All of this happens and we are not even conscious of it. The routine set in place over the years that start the course for our day. We don’t need a list or reminders. We just do it.

We are all born successful. We have the ability to lay a solid foundation and once laid we can choose at any time to change the elements of that foundation one small step at a time.

Imagine researchers looking into our homes through a two-sided glass.
At the glass of a neighbor’s home they will say, “The subject will complain every day about the lack of finances but chose to do nothing about it.”
“I have concluded that the subject will continue this pattern for 10 more years.”
The researchers will all go silent and document this behavior and move on.

New neighbor, “This subject will wake-up and say to themselves how much they hate their job.”
“I have concluded based off of their history that they will continue this pattern for 3 more years before changing.”
The researchers will all go silent and document this behavior and move on to your house. What will the researchers say about you?

If we cannot put our minds around the little goals then the bigger goals will seem to always elude us. If we want to start a venture and have decided before anything is executed to go from 0 to a 100, then chances are we may not be as successful. We need to take a serious look at ourselves because burying ourselves with tasks before laying the foundation equates to FEAR.

Make it small and succeed. The more we execute those smaller goals, we become immune to fear!