Change Agent: Wayne W. Dyer

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AN EXCERPT (Page 177-178)

Learning to co-create your world our way.
The Art of Allowing

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The universal mind of Creation is in the constant state of supplying. It never shuts down, it takes no vacations, there are no days off, and it’s perpetually giving forth. Everything and everyone without exception, emanates from this universal mind we’re calling intention. So if everything comes from this infinite field of invisible energy, why is it that some are able to partake of it, while others seem so separated from it? If it’s always giving forth in an endless stream of abundance, somehow there must be resistance to allowing it to come into your life if you’re experiencing shortages or scarcity in any way.

Allowing this all-giving Source into your life means becoming aware of the resistance that you may be placing in the way of the abundance that’s always being supplied. If the universe is based on energy and attraction, this means that everything is vibrating to particular frequencies. When the frequency with which you’re vibrating is in contradiction with the frequency of the universal supply, you create a resistance, thereby inhibiting that flow of abundance into your life space. Your individual vibrations are the key to understanding that art of allowing. The non-harmonious vibrations are largely in the form of your thoughts and feelings. Thoughts that emphasize what you don’t believe you deserve set up a contradiction in energy. That contradiction puts a stop to a holing up of identical energies, and you’ve created a field of disallowing Remember, it’s always about being in harmony with your Source. Your thoughts can emerge from a beingness that’s in rapport with intention or in contradiction with it.

Keep in mind that you’re a part of the universal mind, so if you see yourself in a harmonious way with the seven faces of intention, the universal mind can only work harmoniously with you. For example, suppose that you want a better job with a higher salary. Imagine yourself as already having it, knowing in your thoughts that you’re entitled to it, with no doubts about the job showing up because you can see it within. The universal mind now has no choice in the matter, since you’re a part o that all-creating mind and there’s no vibrational contradiction. So what can go wrong here? the art of allowing gets hampered y your habit of disallowing.