Patterns in Life

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change we seek.” – Barack Obama

When we are mad, we’re mad!!! Has it become normal to get mad and say, “I quit?” Let’s think about the times in a moment of discomfort that we made snap decisions to: look for a new opportunity, to consider relocating, to work on rediscovering our abs, to get healthy, to read more, to pay down debt, to study harder, to make wiser choices, to meditate, to get serious about life, to leave our no good boyfriend/girlfriend, to quit smoking, to switch banks, and on and on.

Although, it’s great that we get pissed off and decide right then that we need to make it happen, it usually doesn’t carry enough steam to carry us very far. As stated before it’s natural to have all these great ideas about how to effectuate change, but it’s also wiser to be proactive. Why wait until the bill collector threatens us or decide to look for a new opportunity when a colleague upsets us?

Temporarily discomfort doesn’t tend to move people to action that will garner real change. When the event that triggered our want for change has subsided we tend to revert back, don’t we? We forget until we are in a similar situated place and we fall back into panic mode, could’ve, should’ve, would’ve, right?

The next time that happens let’s try to…

(1) Journal/audio record the list of things you desire to change.
(2) Compare your previous entries and make note of patterns.

Most times the list will repeat. This is a great way to discover  patterns.
If every time it is written that…
“I’m over this job.” Start looking for another job and/or start increasing your skills.
“I’m tired of this belly fat.” Start exercising and/or eating healthier.
“I’m tired of these bill collectors.” Start with one bill and pay it down or consolidate your bills.
“I hate speaking in front of people.” Practice talking in front of the mirror, or your family.

Recognizing patterns is just one element but a very important one. It gives us a great starting point. It’s not enough to blow-up month after month at the moment of inconvenience and then let it go. Our life is telling us something and we need to pay attention to it. Patterns are potential paths to creating a new reality.

As we began to see how acts repeat in our lives we can begin to benefit from our observations. We can train ourselves to be proactive by knowing our patterns. If we know our pattern of negative repetition, we can begin to overcome it. The in the moment reaction in a blow-up gives us the insight to change – repetition reinforces the urgency for our need to act. Let’s vow to be more conscious of our patterns; if we are not, let’s be bold enough to admit our part in it.

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