Wednesday Wake-Up Call

Questions and answers that I hope can bring peace to those awakening souls that have awaken to find themselves so far from home. –W38


How can I stop my awakening?

If you’ve noticed that your thoughts have been inundated with questions like: What is my purpose? Who can I talk too? Where should I go? What makes me happy?

fotaa90If you’ve noticed that you suddenly feel like time is running out, that you must do something now, that you are not the same, that you speak a different language, so to speak, that you want to sit with you thoughts, that you want to change your life, that you want to move away, that you want to start anew—then you won’t satisfy that yearning until you do something.

If these activities of the mind are constant in your life, you may be at a point of no return. If the things you used to do don’t satisfy you—it may be too late to turn it off. If you would rather be left to sorting out your thoughts about life’s hardest questions then stopping may not be an option for you. If you feel like you can’t turn it off and you’ve tried to turn off those questions than it may have seeped to far down into your subconscious that even when you’re not even aware, you’re asking those questions of the universe.





Seeking is the journey, it is the evolutionary footprints of the awakened individual and it will intensify against resistance. -W38


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