Wednesday Wake-up Call

Questions and answers that I hope can bring peace to those awakening souls that have awaken to find themselves so far from home. –W38


What did I do to cause this shift in my life?

You dared to ask the universe something. Oftentimes it is in our despair that we seek God. Asking questions that we could never understand without gut-wrenching pain. In these moments where no man can give the right answer; where none of the people we love can satisfy our soul; where prayer doesn’t seem to work; where all around us seems hopeless—we began to see and hear within. When the things we see within and the answers come in the stillness we gradually shed off the old way and question old beliefs that no longer serve us, destructive habits and behaviors that stagnate our evolution, old friends that don’t speak our new language, and jobs that no longer satisfy us. Your questioning after a while leaves you naked as the day you were born.

Stop seeking the external for answers only the universe can provide.


Seeking is the journey, it is the evolutionary footprints of the awakened individual and it will intensify against resistance. –W38