January 2017 – Open Spaces: To Be Ready. To Share. To Sacrifice.

Open Spaces has been my theme lately; to use different spaces ( invisible to some and visible to others) to bring comfort and affirmation to individuals that are on the path of awakening and those individuals who are grieving a loss.

With this theme in mind, I have been finding myself in different spaces with individuals that continue to confirm within me that I must be there, wherever there is. To be ready when I am pulled. To share when its necessary. To sacrifice my story in service to others.

On a monthly basis, I will share these “Open Spaces” and the story that comes with it.

Venue: Cosca Park Clearwater Nature Center, Clinton, MD

Event: Healing on the Page

This space… allowed me to be of service in a way that I’m not used. My aim is to open up myself in these spaces and push boundaries. I am at home with private one-on-one conversations where I exchange ideas and information, but this was different. I feel that this is the next step for me on my journey.

I think back now on my personal statement that I created within a women’s circle that I was a part of years ago. It resonates even still; I want to use my hands to mold, I want to use my voice to heal, with everything that I have, I want to leave a lasting impact on those that I come across. To witness myself living what I affirmed years ago was a blessing. I really meant it, I’m thinking as I write this post. I spoke it. I affirmed it. I lived it.

I have always been at home when it comes to service, it is at the core of who I am. I believe that when you’re being of service to others there is little room for failure. I would say, there’s no room, but there is. Why? Because you have to operate in the mindset that although you’re giving of your time, space, finance, energy, etc., freely without want for a return, you must still prepare as if you’re being paid, you must dedicate time to sharpen yourself, you must still show-up fully and be willing to give 100% or more.

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For two hours, I facilitated my writing workshop, Healing on the Page. During this workshop we used expressive writing as a tool to approach childhood trauma. I find that there is power in writing through the hurt that opens up a beautiful space that leads to change in perspective, forgiveness, self-inquiry and healing. We explored excerpts of stories by authors that lent to the power of writing through the pain. We approached how we can being to rework memories and thought processes on the page with a understanding of how this could lead to healing in some form.

Healing on the Page, is built on meditation, setting the tone, sacrifice, and perspective. I got great feedback from the participants and I plan to forge ahead with four additional workshops.

Of course, if you’re in the D.C. area and would like to attend any of the workshops, please go to http://www.Meetup.com and search for Healing on the Page!

My Affirmation in this Space: I will trust my experiences.