Wednesday Wake-up Call

Questions and answers that I hope can bring peace to those awakening souls that have awaken to find themselves so far from home. –W38


How do I know if I am on the path to awakening?

It leads back to the questions you ask. Do you feel like there’s got to be more to this life? Do you crave to read, listen, or participate in events regarding spirituality? Are you unable to mask your uneasiness in life? Do you feel like you’re losing who you thought you were? Do the people around you ask you if you’re looking for something or running away from something? Is your mood constantly shifting because of your internal state that something is missing or your need to do something but you don’t believe you know what that something is?


When you hold an unceasing mediation on questions or conversations within you, you have set your feet to the path of awakening.

Seeking is the journey, it is the evolutionary footprints of the awakened individual and it will intensify against resistance. –W38