February 2017 – Open Spaces: To Be Ready. To Share. To Sacrifice.

Open Spaces has been my theme lately; to use different spaces ( invisible to some and visible to others) to bring comfort and affirmation to individuals that are on the path of awakening and those individuals who are grieving a loss.

With this theme in mind, I have been finding myself in different spaces with individuals that continue to confirm within me that I must be there, wherever there is. To be ready when I am pulled. To share when its necessary. To sacrifice my story in service to others.

On a monthly basis, I will share these “Open Spaces” and the story that comes with it.

Venue: Anacostia Arts Center

Event: The Black Love Experience


The event felt like walking into my own mind, where familiar ideas where given a space to run wild. Within the different spaces in the arts center entrepreneurs were showcasing their ideas, products and services. There was the IntellectuUCool, a conversational based idea that encouraged collective interaction by daring to ask questions surrounding black love. Mayasa Talfair was presence, a vegan health enthusiast who shared her knowledge on the subject of womb work. In another part of the center guests engaged in a self-paced vision board activity.  There were opportunities to laugh out loud while being entertained by Eddie Bryant, a local comedian and speed conversations, an interactive speed socializing segment. I was introduced to the hairpiq.com, a black owned search engine that has created a space for people of color to share their hair pictures and products–it’s the google for everything hair! There was plenty of entertainment throughout the night and it was wall-to-wall black people.

From the time I got out of my car, I reconnected, I engaged, and I made contacts. I witnessed my ideas being transformed and I was inspired by people that looked like me making it happen.

My Affirmation in this Space: I am doing what I am called to do without hesitation.