A Partnership for Change


A couple of weeks ago, while driving to work, I was listening to WPFW and I was on fire by the time I reached the office. As the host encouraged callers to donate to the station she talked about the plight that the station endured to remain on the air all these years. How they suffer through vandalism by the KKK which put the station off the air twice in the 70’s. She briefly talked about the Dakota Pipeline situation. She offered listeners the opportunity to call in and make a donation in exchange will receive a flash-drive with black historical audio.

As I pulled into the garage of the building, I felt an urgency to do something that would inspire change. Something that would help me in my ignorance regarding issues of topics that I only learn about by listening to WPFW. I wanted in that moment to talk to people that I knew about the topics that were discussed, but I was left feeling empty because I knew that they were unaware of these topics. I wanted to have a conversation with somebody to exchange information and to get their perspective. I wanted to be educated and empowered. So in all my want for this conversation, I reached out to a couple of great people that inspire me and asked them to partner with me on organizing A Partnership for Change Dinner and Panel Discussion.

I figured in the end, that I will not sit on my hands and complain about it. I decided to push forward and organize. I envisioned having dinner enjoined by like-minded people who can contribute and intelligent exchange of conversation. People who are great listeners, teachers, and with respect for others perspective. People who aim for creating a space where we can have fluid conversations on topics of black culture, community, healing and much more.

Please get the word out and help me make this event a success.

A Partnership for Change Dinner & Panel Discussion
March 18, 2016 @ 6:30
Private Venue in Suitland, Maryland
Cost: $20 (Due by Mar. 4)
(Seating is limited to 10 guests.)

Contact: 38wake@gmail.com
This event dares to create a space where conversations around revolutionary change, healing within our black communities and our commitment to being active participants, and so many other urgent matters that need to be approached in an effort to transform minds.