What’s a life without a few Risks?

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Mind your wings


If you want it, Go for it, Take a risk

Don’t play it safe always; You’ll die wondering

Hello everyone!!

Decisions…they are tricky. Some are simple, some require you to take risk. Sometimes our fears, wounds hold us back. But, how long? At what cost? Being cautious is great but refusing to take risks, is like travelling to a beautiful city and staying put in the hotel!!

Courage, faith, perseverance are essential when you put yourself out there. Just like we choose our battles wisely, we need to choose to take risks in our life with equal wisdom.

Personally, I lost on a lot, because I was scared, what if I failed… Guess what I will never know. I am not talking about being impulsive; but having enough faith to take a tough path, as on the other side is my Paradise!! Besides, maybe you don’t want it enough that’s why…

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