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intuition knowing beyond logic, by Osho

an excerpt


STRATEGIES – page 98


Drop the mind that thinks in prose;

Revive another kind of mind that thinks in poetry.

Put aside all your expertise in syllogism;

Let songs be you way of life.

Move from intellect to intuition,

From the head to the heart,

Because the heart is closer to the mysteries.


Man’s being is simple, but his personality is not; the personality is complex. The personality is like an onion—there are many layers of conditioning and corruption, and hidden behind so many filters that you cannot see it—and hidden behind these many filters, you cannot see the world either, because whatsoever reaches you is corrupted by the filters before it reaches you.

Nothing ever reaches you as it is; you go on missing it. There are many interpreters in between. You see something—first your eyes and your senses falsify it. Then your ideology, your religion, your society, your church—they falsify it. Then your emotions—they falsify it. And so on, and so forth… By the time it reaches to you, it has almost nothing of the original, or so little that it makes no difference. You see something only if your filters allow it, and the filters don’t allow much.

Scientists agree; scientists say we see only 2 percent of reality—only 2 percent! Ninety-eight percent is missing. When you are listening to me, you will hear only 2 percent of what has been said. Ninety-eight will be lost, and when the 98 percent is lost, that 2 percent is out of context. It is as if you have taken two pages from a novel at random, one from here, one from there, and then you start reconstructing the whole novel from these two pages. Ninety-eight pages are missing! You have no inkling what they were; you don’t even know that they existed. You have only two pages and you reconstruct the whole novel again. This reconstruction is your invention. It is not a discovery of truth, it is your imagination.

And there is an inner necessity to fill the gaps. Whenever you see that two things are unrelated, the mind has an inner urgency to relate them; otherwise it feels uneasy. So you invent a link. You fix those loose things with a link, you bridge them, and you go on inventing a world that is not there.

George Gurdieff used to call these filters “buffers.” They protect you against reality. They protect your lies, they protect your dreams, they protect your projections. They don’t allow you to come into contact with reality because the very contact is going to be shattering, shocking. Man lives through lies.

Friedrich Nietzche is reported to have said, “Please don’t take the lies away from humanity, otherwise man will not be able to live. Man lives through lies. Don’t take the fictions away, don’t destroy the myths. Don’t tell the truth because man cannot live by truth.” And he is right about 99.9 percent of people—but what kind of life can there be through lies? It will be a big lie itself. And what kind of happiness is possible through lies? There is no possibility; hence humanity is in misery. With truth is bliss; with lies there is only misery and nothing else. But we go on protecting those lies.

Those lies are comfortable, but they keep you protected against bliss, against truth, against existence.

Man is exactly like an onion. And the art consists of how to peel the onion and come to its innermost core.