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“It is only the impossible that’s possible for God. He has given over the possible to the mechanics of matter and the autonomy of his creatures.” -Simone Well

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A Thought Piece (Written: Friday, May 13, 2016), meant to stir conversation and generate thoughts in others. These and similar thoughts have helped me figure out how I best move about in the world. I may not agree with these thoughts tomorrow. I may not choose to even agree with them once someone has given me a different perspective on them. I choose to grow. I choose to expand my mind and share. I hope not to offend neither by ignorance of the subject or by intention. I have a strong desire to grow. This desire for myself I also have for others. Questions are key to expanding the mind. I am a dreamer. In dreams, I have the power to change, create, and shape my reality. This power to dream, create, change, and shape my reality has carried over into my waking life. I thank, God/Jesus/Universe, for awakening me to a new reality. This is my hope for others.

Although my thoughts towards the question below may change in time, my love and hope for others to begin to question the space that they hold in this world, will not.


Sometimes it’s the voice of my mother; Sometimes it’s the voice of my brother

Sometimes it’s the voice of my sister; Sometimes it’s the voice of my aunt

Sometimes it’s the voice of a stranger

 Sometimes it’s the written words of my mother; Sometimes it’s the written words of my sister

Sometimes it’s the written words of my daughters; Sometimes it’s the written words of bloggers

Sometimes it’s my own written words

 Encouraging me, lifting me, pursuing me, congratulating me

The day has come when all of it pays off and I believe I am worthy, 
so I act. –W38

Question: Why does it take so long for things to materialize in life?

My thought:

That’s the mechanics of human life. Life begins as seeds do, and gradually they progress and mature. All things are such in this world, gradually progressing and maturing at a rate that can be conceived by us the creators of our life. When we forget our abilities to create and build for the greater good of all humanity our minds began to view our realities as a trick, having us believe that our realities are influenced by what’s outside of us instead of what comes from within. We no longer see ourselves as co-creators. Soon after we systematically began to believe that it is a higher power that acts alone for our greater good and we then began to see ourselves as separate from this power. It’s easier to give the power a name and not claim it as your own. Even in doing this we create, a power and call it Jesus, God, Jehovah, Universe, etc. but it is all the same. These ideas, thoughts, beliefs are equivalent to seeds ever-growing into tangible forms. With the right amount of energy, an action takes form encouraging growth. The more we give energy to the thought, by committing our energy to it, the stronger that energy force becomes. This force becomes magnetic like pulling on all things that will lead to the execution of our ideas. That’s why it is imperative to watch our thoughts.

One such example is the growth of a child. The growth is sparked by the energy of their community in addition to the child’s desire to grow until they reach their full potential. This is an accumulation of what’s reflected back to them in their community. The energy that is committed to their well-being magnetically ushers them into their highest state of being.

God chose not to create all the days at once because before this world came to be there was a plan, all things in the world start as seeds growing ever so stronger, maturing day after day until a full accumulation. Your reflection is molded by your family, friends, community, and environment–all of what a person has given their energy over to. This accumulation happens when a person’s energy is constantly aligned with the energy of like-energy soul communities, whether low or high, and this energy suffers no lack in the continuum.

Begins that act as conduits of light in the world, those that have taken up the assignment and awaken to a renewed sense of being are powerful light sources. These channels of light have chosen to raise the energy in the world. As a result, we experience more instances of higher level consciousness. When lower energies are aligned with higher energy beings they have the ability to heighten their energy and drain the energy of ego. In the moment of connection, any sense of individualism is removed and you discover that your alignment is with all, omnipresent.

When a person connects with lower energies they tend to drain the energy source of those who come to help. They appear to act on behalf of all humanity and open to truth but it is important to read the energy to know the intentions behind the connection.

In the end, a lower energy will leave you drained, in turn, minimizing your access to the truth of oneness. A higher energy will re-energize and bring about balance.

When a higher energy intentions are directed to another, the energies compounds and strengthens the connection leading to full accumulation leading to the truth of what the individual seeks. Some energy isn’t accessible because some beings having matured in the truth of reading energies close off their connection.

Some beings in their immature state only desire to give minimum energy or they exist merely for individual sake. To attempt to thrive with this mindset is crippling. A life dictated by the ego alone is not enough to connect to a higher level of consciousness and that’s why community and connection to higher energy is vital.

To love yourself is to want all beings to do well. If we constantly seek love, hope, forgiveness, all higher levels of energy for ourselves and others we will find our reflection in all things. Seeing ourselves in all life sources, foretells the path of person who continues to plug-in.

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