Wednesday Wake-up Call

Questions and answers that I hope can bring peace to those awakening souls that have awaken to find themselves so far from home. -W38


How different will my journey be now that I’m not following any mainstream belief systems?

It will be about us trusting our experience. It will keep us awake. Our experiences will become like scripture except our words will no longer be scripted or rehearsed. Our experience is all that we have now. This is the time to trust it and to speak up when mainstream beliefs do not serve us.

There was a time when all we had to do was to melt into the crowd and simply follow directions; pray, read word for word from the bible, regurgitate ideologies, rely on someone else’s experience, read other people words and pass them on as your own and no one questioned it, because a majority of society did the same thing. There were times when we found ourselves saying certain things worked when in fact, we knew deep down inside that it didn’t work for us. More and more as we awaken we find that it’s harder to take ownership of ideologies just for the sake of being “normal”.

We see ourselves in others and we become more forgiving, because we realize we are one in the same. The only thing that separates us from one another is our  willingness to see the truth. The truth is forever accessible to us, but it is a choice.

We are co-creators of our own destinies. How shocking is that, to realize that we are more than meets the eye. Until we take ownership of how powerful we are, will we then take seriously the need to stand guard over what we take in and what we release. The constant exercise of death on a everyday basis, to release all things that do not serve us is the aim. With that being said, if for instance, yoga is not a meditative practice that works, then the exercise of releasing this as an option, is the aim. In the past, someone would continue to offer this as a practice, although it’s not working, because it is popular and therefore less likely to be challenged.

Coping in life rests in popularity even if it’s not working. If popularity does not work, then the majority votes that medication is an option. When mediation is the method by which we function, we play a smaller role in shaping our destinies. We begin to fear natural events in our lives, such as death. An awaken individual understands that time is a trick on the mind. You body has an expiration date, not your soul.


A light is burning and the time has come when experience is more important than mainstream ideology.

Seeking is the journey, it is the evolutionary footprints of the awakened individual and it will intensify against resistance. -W38