Change Agents

Be Inspired. Be Empowered. Be Transformed.


UnknownAs a Black woman, I know where I have come from. I have nursed a nation of strangest. People I knew would grow up to threaten and people I knew would grow up to threaten and maim and kill my own; I have nursed them. I have held together our greatest institutions, the family and the church, and kept the Black man at the top. I have come out of the field of Alabama, out of the Mississippi Delta, out of the deserts of Texas. I have been creative, constantly taking chances –
racehorse chances – to negotiate my path. I have used a number of plays to erect my own brides over boiling waters, laughing when I wasn’t tickled and scratching when I didn’t itch. And I’m here – still here, despite the odds.

            Being a woman is not about being born female; being born with certain genitalia will only make a person an old whatever-the-genitalia-dictates in the person lives long enough. To be a woman is to take responsibility for your actions and for the time you consume and the space you occupy. It is to strive for constancy in all things-to stretch, to grow, to be courageous enough to change course or change your mind as you discover new truths. It is about assuming the responsibility to find yourself within yourself, to find your own personal power source. To be a woman is to defy outright any idea that would inhibit growth that would bind and limit. To be a woman is to compel yourself to search out and embrace ideas that liberate, that make you bigger, finer, stronger, more courageous, more generous, and more merciful. To be a woman is to work hard, to count on yourself, to owe nothing. It is to hold the reins of your life in your own hands.

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